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Pirates Of Somalia - Jay Bahadur

Pirates Of Somalia

Author Jay Bahadur

  • Published: 2011-07-19
  • Category: Politics & Current Events
4 Stars
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In this remarkable book, Jay Bahadur ventures to the troubled mini-state of Puntland, a self-governing region in northeastern Somalia, to expose the lives of the bandits beyond the attack skiffs: how they spend their cash, how they conduct business, how they think and why they risk their lives in often suicidal missions. During his travels, Bahadur talks not only with the pirates, but also with the security personnel tasked with combatting their plundering. Whether chewing khat with the locals, accompanying Puntland’s president or meeting with former hostages who had been confined to their ships for months while awaiting news of a ransom, Bahadur has unparalleled access to all the major players, from government officialsto some of the most wanted outlaws in one of the world’s most dangerous places.

Top Customer Reviews

  • The Pirates of Somalia

    From leopard 504
    The book is informative. It shows you behind the scenes on what is going on in Somalia concerning piracy. It tends to get boring sometimes and repetitive. Also it's based on a lot of assumptions. Overall if you like yo read about piracy , then it is a good book. Although it isn't a page turner.