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The Gift of Ford - Ivor Tossell

The Gift of Ford

Author Ivor Tossell

  • Published: 2012-10-16
  • Category: Politics & Current Events
4 Stars
From 29 Customers Review
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Following widespread news that Toronto Police are in possession of the alleged Rob Ford crack cocaine video, there has never been a better time to read the essential backgrounder to Rob Ford's increasingly wild and erratic mayoralty.

When people talk about recalling politicians, it's usually because the politician delivered something other than what they advertised, and the voters voted for--lies, frauds and infidelities. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, however, is exactly what the voters endorsed. They elected him with full knowledge of his obstreperous history as a city councillor, his inability to play well with others, his one-track mind and one-track message. His opponents warned voters that his platform was mostly wishful thinking. But Torontonians voted for him anyway.
The story of Rob Ford is the story of what happens when voters--the supreme authority--throw a wrench into the gears of democracy and elect someone who can't govern, and manifestly never could. Ford's mayoralty has forced Toronto to reconsider questions that seemed settled long, long ago. What kind of city chose this man to take the helm? Where does a mayor derive his mandate--from the voters, the polls, or talk radio? Does it matter if a man is a national embarrassment if he's popular at home?
Unwittingly, Ford has made possible a resurgence of the urban values that unite conservatives and liberals alike, galvanizing citizens in a way the city hasn't seen in some time. This is The Gift of Ford.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Newish Torontonian

    From Chrissleepingtiger
    Thank you. You have helped me understand many things. Ford, indeed did gift Torontonians with a “crisis” from which to experience, contemplate and grow. Of course, your hardwork needs a sequel. Almost two more years have passed. And their may still be a dilemma for Toronto voters. I am perplexed that there, I understand, had been many rumours of Ford’s substance abuse. And yet - even two years into his term, you only mentioned a few “incidents”. Maybe, substance abuse isn’t really the germaine point. Is “Fordian” really Freudian?
  • Embarrassing

    From Mr. 1+2
    Seriously? We don't have room for this fool's literature. I wouldn't believe a word of it and there will certainly be Part II as there is more to come from this fool. Anyone that buys this book will buy into his comedy parade.
  • The gift of Ford

    From B. Clarke
    This was a wonderful read. Impeccably researched and despite the subject matter, quite restrained. Wonderful discussion of 'the big smoke', its history and government and the guy who is trying not to be mayor. My favorite line: " a broken clock waiting for its twice daily chance to be right..." A reference to Rob Ford's non-governance or 'uncompetence'. Very funny and smart.
  • Terrible book

    From Derbo79
    I can't believe this fat disgusting waste of groceries even wrote a book. He should be fired for the stunts he pulls. His whole family are a bunch of pigs especially his daughter.
  • Mr.f

    From Left defence
    Well written and easy to read. Rob ford is a what you see is what you get kind of guy. He may not be as sophisticated as the downtown socialist crowd likes but if you look at what he has accomplished he scores high in my book. We sincerely hope that rob runs for mayor in the next election. Oh and I forgot to mention that rob graduated first in his class from the common sense college.
  • Good read

    From PVaillancourt
    Good reading on the inner workings of municipal politics in Toronto in a defined time span. Anyone looking to get more information on Rob Ford and/or his administration should have a read.